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  Problematic Internet Use

The Internet appears to be capable of altering the mood, motivation, concentration, and producing a dissociating and disinhibiting experience for users; for some individuals, patterns of use can transform to abuse, taking on a compulsive quality. Studies suggest that the Internet may have psychological properties that are capable of altering mood and behaviour, often with little or no awareness. Many of the daily spheres of behaviour, including work, appear to be effected by this powerful technology.

Dr David Greenfield     
Centre for Internet Behaviour USA     

Problematic Internet Use is:-

• More common in adolescent males than females
• Often connected to online gaming sites
• Takes over their life of the young person to the exclusion of all else; school, family, eating and sleeping
• Leads to many other mental and physical health issues
• Needs to be addressed as a serious mental health issue and suitable treatment obtained from either your GP or through and adolescent psychologist.

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Problematic Internet Use
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