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  Cyber Safety Fact Sheets  

Cyberbullying Fact Sheet #1

Cyberbullying can be described as any harassment, insults and humiliation that occurs through the electronic mediums such as email, mobile phones, social networking sites, instant messaging programs, chat rooms, web-sites and through the playing of online games.


Cyberbullying Fact Sheet #2

What are the signs that your child may be the victim of cyberbullying, and more importantly, what can I do if this is the case?

Download Internet safety tips for teachers, parents and carers

Online Grooming

Online grooming is conducted in a similar fashion to grooming in the real world and is often a preliminary step to procuring, where the adult through the words and actions attempt to loosen the child's inhibitions regarding sexual activity or heighten their curiosity by sending pornographic material or talking about sexual matters. The aim of the predator is to eventually meet the child in person for the purposes of sexual activity.


Sexting: Sending a 'sexy text' or a posting a 'naked selfie'!

Sexting, is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between mobile phones, but can include internet applications such as MSN, email, or social networking sites.


What is Problematic Internet Use?

Problematic Internet addiction or excessive Internet use is characterized by excessive or poorly controlled preoccupations, urges, or behaviours regarding computer use and Internet access that lead to impairment or distress.


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