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What to do if my child is being cyber bullied
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• Do not be angry with your child – remember that they are the victim and it is someone else doing the wrong thing.

• Praise them for coming to you – this is a big step as most children are frightened to tell a parent about cyberbullying

• Save and store the emails, chat logs or SMS’s in case of Police investigation

• Help your child to block and delete the bully from all contact lists

• Do not respond to nasty emails, chats, SMS or comments – this is what the bully wants so ignore them. (They will need your help to do this)

• Use the ‘report abuse’ button which all websites/applications have. Tell them the problems you are having and they are obligated to investigate.

• Have some ‘down time’ without computer or mobile (do not do this as punishment, rather as some peaceful time where they are not being bothered)

• If unwanted contact continues, consider deleting email, msn, hotmail etc and start a new account. Only give your new details to a small list of trusted friends.

• Get a new phone number if being harassed on your phone. Report the problem to your phone company and insist on a new number for free.

• Inform your child’s school. It is important that they know what is going on so that they can monitor any issues at school.

• If ongoing report to Police. Each state has laws that prohibit online bullying and stalking. You don’t have to put up with it.