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  What can I do if I am being cyberbullied

• Tell your parents, teacher or other trusted adult – don’t stay silent and hope it will go away – it won’t!
• Save and store the emails, chat logs or SMS’s in case of Police investigation
• Block and delete the bully from all contact lists
• Do not respond to nasty emails, chats, SMS or comments – this is what the bully wants so ignore them. (They will need your help to do this)
• Use the ‘report abuse’ button which all websites/applications have. Tell them the problems you are having and they are obligated to investigate.
• Have some ‘down time’ without computer or mobile. Give yourself some time away from technology just for a break
• If the bullying continues – delete your current email, msn, hotmail etc and start a new account. Only give your new details to a small list of trusted friends.
• Get a new phone number if being harassed on your phone. Report the problem to your phone company and insist on a new number for free.
• If the bullying continues get mum or dad to report the bullying to the Police. Each state has laws that prohibit online bullying and stalking. You don’t have to put up with it.

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