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  Cyber Safety for Kids
  “Learn about search engines and how they work.”

Internet and mobile phone technology is fabulous and provides us with the ability to connect with people all
around the world.  We can explore and learn about the world like never before, however, cyberspace does have
its problems, and unfortunately for kids, they are the primary targets for people’s warped ideas and bad
behaviours. Young people are often targeted and groomed without the ability to recognise that this is occurring.

Kids’ technical skills are superb. Adults today cannot even aspire to the level of technology knowledge inherent
in today’s kids, but we do know that this skill is not matched by cogitative development. Nothing we do can ‘put
an old head on young shoulders’ and the ability to perceive risk, and foresee consequences is limited.

Kids need to appreciate and accept that just as in the real world, there are dangers in cyberspace. Remember
that cyberspace is permanent. Everything that you write, post and send can be traced and will remain there
forever. Do you want that comment, or pic from Saturday night’s party on the desk of the person conducting a job
interview in 10 years time?

Are you happy for that naked pic, you sent trustingly to your boyfriend who loves you
dearly and will not share it with anyone (until he has it or you break up or both) on the computer of a
paedophile? Kids need to think before they click and parents and teachers need to educate them to ensure that
where possible, the correct decisions are made in the first instance, not after a moment of madness.
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