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  Cyber Safety for Parents
  “Parents must learn about the internet with their child.”

Kids today have access to and are accessible by many millions of people worldwide via the vast array of
websites, applications and online-games. The unprecedented amount of personal information available on
these sites makes them a perfect place for people who would happily identify their victims and gain their trust.
Other identified dangers include exposure to inappropriate content, cyber bullying and harassment, exchange
of inappropriate images and identity theft. Teens are often not aware that their words and or photos, which may
have been intended for a small audience, sometimes find their way to a larger one, often with both the
unexpected and undesirable consequences.

Today’s parents grew up in a world devoid of these technologies. They often have little knowledge on how best
to assist and guide them and when interest or concern is shown, suspicious kids  ‘fob’ them off with the typica
responses of ‘You won’t understand.....’ ‘Go away its private......’or ‘You have no idea.....’

Don ’t be afraid of technology. Learn about it and embrace it as your children do.
Accept that they will access content that might upset them, often not because they went looking for it and make
sure that they are comfortable coming to you when this happens. Spend time online with them. Cyberspace can
be a lot of fun.
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