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  Sexting could lead to criminal charges: cyber safety expert  
  Susan McLean, cyber safety speaker for parenting education organisation Generation Next, and a former Victoria Police officer specialising in online crime...READ MORE  
  Cyber bullying an issue for sport  
  Cyber bullying is becoming a significant threat to the safety and wellbeing of a whole generation of young people. READ MORE  
  Inquiry into bullying of children and young people  
  Cyber bullying - What, When, How and Why? READ MORE  
  Don’t demonise internet  
  For far too many years the issue of cyber-bullying of and by young people has been placed on the merry-go-round of “it’s not my problem”. READ MORE  
  Save the Children opposes internet filter
  Save the Children has urged the Federal Government to abandon its plans to censor the internet, saying it will not be effective in protecting kids from online dangers.
  Oz internet filter to block sites selling mature games?  
  Could the days of buying from Play-Asia, eBay and Amazon soon be over? READ MORE  
  Online dangers a worry for children, parents  
  AUSTRALIAN children are becoming more savvy about cyber safety but their parents are still worried about what they are doing online, a new study shows. READ MORE  
  Child safety online: a guide for parents  
  Read on to find out how to give children the freedom to surf without worrying about the consequences. READ MORE  
  Federal Laws Needed to Stop Cyber Bullying, Harassment and Abuse  
  According to the Wall Street Journal, a recent report on cyberbullying suggests that, unlike other Internet scares, this one is well-founded, but it questions some of the
regulatory efforts that are gathering steam. READ MORE
  Hi tech bullies a modern day youth problem  
  Member for Bathurst Gerard Martin has warned young people to take steps to avoid online bullying and cyber crime. READ MORE  
  Teens lead 'digital double life' online  
  According to a new survey more than half of Australian teenagers (56 per cent) lie about themselves when they are online. READ MORE  
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