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  What they say about Susan Mclean.............    

- Since the presentation my office has been inundated with Year 8 and 9 girls owning up to not treating each other appropriately. I also had a parent phone me the next
day mentioning her daughter went home and changed her pass word and took off a lot of her “online friends”. I feel that the message got through. (Beth Redman -  Yr 8
and Middle School Co-ordinator Tintern Schools)

- The PEGS community gained great insight from Mrs McLean’s vibrant and informative sessions. Teachers and students were given invaluable advice on how to safely
manage online activities and parents, in particular, were reminded of the importance of vigilantly monitoring their child’s online behaviour. Graeme Sharman Deputy
Head PEGS Essendon Campus

- Our main focus was to inform our staff, student and parent population about potential dangers and safety tips on how to assist the students in our care stay safe online.
We were delighted with Susan’s practical, honest and no nonsense approach and unanimously agree that she was instrumental in assisting us to fully understand the
issue of Cybersafety.  All Saints Anglican College Gold Coast

- Susan McLean makes Cybersafety straightforward common sense. She gives parents and teachers the understanding to be able to manage fears confidently and
effectively. Susan's wealth of practical experience in the issues surrounding Cybersafety makes a world of difference to anyone lucky enough to hear her. (Barbara Stone
AM, Principal MLC School – Sydney. National Chair (AHISA)

- What Susan doesn’t know about Cybersafety is not worth knowing. She is absolutely brilliant and her presentations are dynamic and entertaining. She has the unique
ability to connect with each audience from young people to adults. (Dr Michael Carr-Gregg Adolescent Psychologist)

- Susan was absolutely brilliant. She opened my eyes to what our students are most likely getting up to and how to deal with it effectively and sensibly. We will be booking
Susan for our whole school community as soon as we can. (CEN Developing Leaders Conf. NSW)

- She has always presented in an engaging and dynamic manner with up to the minute observations and patterns pertaining to cyber safety and young people. .....I would
recommend Susan Mclean as she is a passionate and articulate advocate for improving the cyber safety of young people in our schools. (Senior Program Officer DEECD
Vic SMR)

- Ms Mclean was able to offer pertinent examples and advice based on her extensive professional experience in the field of police work and in particular cyber bullying.
(Australian Sports Commission)

- “It's the first PD where I have heard people still talking about it the next day!” (ASC – Learning Support Teaching Staff Member)

- “Each delivery was pitched carefully at the particular audience” (ASC – Religious Education Teacher and Parent)

- .....thought Susan's presentation was excellent, she was entertaining and very informative. (Year Level Coordinator ASC WA)

- “A worthwhile investment! The material presented by Susan was realistic and user friendly. She managed to connect with her various audiences (students, staff and
parents) and presented age appropriate material that sent a strong message about the positives and negatives of our cyber world. In the future All Saints’ College intends
to build on the relationship we have made with this quality presenter” (All Saints College Perth –Ms H Aguiar: Dean of Students).

- Highly relevant, interesting, motivating speaker ...Brilliant – relevant info for all students and all schools.....Absolutely riveting.....I learned so much- I loved the way you
focused on the positive stuff. (Various delegates Victorian Teachers of the Deaf Conference)

- A most impressive presentation at University of NSW......I will be booking Susan as soon as I can to speak at my school. (School counsellor NSW)

- I am so glad I attended your presentation at the Melbourne Convention Centre. I have learnt so much that I can share with my students and school. I will also be
advocating for you to work with our school community. Brilliant! (Secondary Teacher Melbourne)

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