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  Navigating The Cyber Highway

Cybersafety considerations for your business & employees

This session for businesses will be tailored specifically to your needs and will include:-
• What is cyberspace and how does it work (including common misconceptions)
• Cyberbullying and online harassment in the workplace
• Social Networking
• Instant messaging (IM) programs (MSN / Facebook Chat)
• ‘Sexting’
• Video and photo uploading sites – YouTube etc
• Misuse of mobile telephones, email, MSN, blogs, webcam etc. including legal consequences and the possible criminal charges. (What is cyber bullying and harassment and how does it occur?)

• Dangers and risks

• Safety tips – how to stay safe online.

• Legislation and Legal considerations – when to involve law enforcement. When has a crime been committed? Provision of a safe workplace.

• Where next to next? – considerations and policy development, online safety for staff (how to protect your privacy) & ethical issues around staff internet use.

• Questions



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