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  Cyber Safety Training    
  Learn how to stay safe in the online world.  

Susan McLean makes navigating the cyber highway simple and straightforward. Her presentations, tailored for each individual audience are vibrant, entertaining and
relevant. Real world examples drawn from her vast experience as a Police Officer dealing with misuses of technology on a daily basis, add a particular relevance to each
presentations.  Click to read to session content.

  Keeping your child safe in cyberspace  
  With the explosion of cyber technology, we are also seeing a dramatic rise in the negative impact of such technology. READ MORE  
  Growing up online  
  What all kids need to know about cyberspace but what technology fails to teach them. READ MORE  
  Navigating Cyberia  
  Addressing the issue of Cybersafety & young people for Principals, teachers and other professionals who work with youth. READ MORE  
  Navigating The Cyber Highway  
  Cybersafety considerations for your business & employees. READ MORE  
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